The Westlake Village Junior Women's Club accepts provisional members in the Fall. Provisional members must fulfill certain requirements throughout the year. Once they have completed their provisional duties, they are installed as active voting members in May.

For information on new member events and information sessions please email


Dues 2017-2018

Membership Dues 2018 - 2019

Membership dues are $249 for the 2017-2018 term and are due at the time of application. You can write a check to WVJWC in full. lf you would like to pay via credit card you will be charged the 3% credit card fee, your new total would be: $258. Please contact our Director of Membership, Laura Hurtado, if you have any questions. No refunds will be given. 

Membership Time Requirement:

  • Complete a New Member Application.
  • Attend the New Member Luncehon (new members and board only).
  • Attend six (6) General Meetings in a given year (August – May).
  • Work a 3-hour shift at the Gingerbread Holiday Boutique.
  • Two (2) tickets to the VIP Gingerbread Holiday Boutique event – (this cost is included in your membership dues, if you cannot attend the event you are encouraged to sell them to someone who can attend).
  • Bake an item as mandated by the Baked Goods Committee for Gingerbread.
  • Work a 2-hour shift at Santa Comes to Westlake, Agoura, and Beyond event.
  • Work together with their Provisional class on a small philanthropic activity in the community.


General Meetings are held monthly, August through May, on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., except in December and May when we celebrate the holidays at a local restaurant and have our Installation Dinner at a local restaurant, respectively. We welcome all visitors at every meeting. We meet at the Westlake Village Community Room located near the Westlake Village Library and City Hall at 31200 Oak Crest Drive. Meeting locations are subject to change. 


I am very busy and concerned that the Club may require more time than I can give. Is there flexibility to the membership requirements?

The Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club is committed to serving the needs of the community and members are encouraged to participate as much as they can. Most of us are wives, mothers, or full time employees who lead busy lives as well. We find that the most fulfilled members are women who have made their volunteer service a priority and are dedicated to fulfilling that commitment.

We encourage provisional members to dedicate time on the level that is comfortable for their individual circumstances. If there is ever a circumstance that you cannot meet one of your requirements contact your membership chairs so they can assist you as we understand how busy life can be.

Can provisional members vote or hold office? 

Not until they are installed at the Installation Banquet in May and become active members.

Can a provisional member attend events?

Yes! Provisional members are required to attend at least six general meetings and are welcome to participate in fundraising, community service and social events. In fact, attendance is encouraged as a way for provisional and active members to get to know one another.

If I am a provisional member, can I be involved on a committee and do volunteer work?

Absolutely! For example, committee participation in the "Santa Comes to Westlake, Agoura and Beyond" food drive is one provisional requirement to join.

How can I find out more about WVJWC?

 Our monthly general meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month, August through May. You are welcome to attend one of these meetings, or please contact our Director of Membership at

Annual dues are subject to change annually but are currently $249 and must be paid prior upon submitting your application for membership. This annual fee is used to offset the administrative costs of operating the Club. A percentage of your annual dues are sent to the General Federation of Women's Clubs with which we are affiliated. Also included in your dues are two VIP Night Tickets to the Gingerbread Holiday Boutique, a bag of groceries for our annual comminuty-wide food drive and service project Santa Comes to Westlake, Agoura, and Beyond, and your ticket to the Installation Banquet held in May.

If I am already a member, how can become a sustaining member?

If you have served the Westlake Junior Women's Club for a total of 3 years, you may apply to become a sustaining member. After revision and approval of your application from the Board of Directors, you may remain in the club without obligation to fulfill club requirements. See the Sustainer Group page on our website for more information and events.

CLICK HERE for a Sustaining Membership Application (PDF).